2011 Tailg8n Season pics
Group pic in Green Bay with Steve and Woody and Joe Cahn...What a great time we had...Love those fans from Green Bay!Yes it was the big shoot out and season opener for 2011man, I sure wanted to take this sign home with me... Charlie wouldn't let mehave ticket will travellimo ride into Green Baymore limo picsanother lime pic...there were 9 of us...
Thurs. Sept. 8th  @ Green Bay
Sunday. Sept. 18th  vs.  Bears
Sun. Sept. 25th  vs.  Texans
Steve Roques was nice enough to bring out his trailer while he re-does the "BayouBus"hanging out with the gang!Dale and his krewe!Kenny and Terricita..  cousins?Kenny & Donna Browne and their krewe"Sir Score-alot" and "Breezle-juice"Marvin and Frank hoopin' it up!!
Who Dat !!!Our allstar line up... for tailg8n !Sparky workin' Dat Jambalaya!or should I say "Meat-a-laya" !!!The Fat City Drum Core pay us a visit!!Miss Courtney relaxes before the gameStacey out working the crowd!The McNabbs laying down the soundsTV's and the sound to go with it!!yeah... we let some Bear fans in...Mr Mudbug and Da Frog!! 
what a couple!Kenny and Gayle
set up and ready to go !!!
Thanks again Steve!Angie's in the houseBreakfast anyone?Dale hangin with Jay "The Tailgate Guy" DiEugenioRichie and Dana and there kreweIt's Guy "The Cajun Cowboy" with his krewethe whole gang is here todayKorner KrewePaulie and a buddieJean and Gerry (with a g) and BabsAngie with Kim & Keith and Goodreau too!another shotAlicia and her KreweL-R
Herb, BJ & Brian...
always workin' hard...
love you guys !!!food!nice spread heh??Angie's KreweAngie hangin' out with JayThe krewe from Houston...
sorry... you're not dat!
good game though... 
we still love y'allyou're not Dat...Oops... I already said that.. Oh well..this guy was wild... and welcome back anytime!!again!Steve Roques' rig...
thanks Steve!!Who Dat!!
Sun. Oct. 2nd @ Jaguars
What a Menu!!Downtown Jacksonville on the RiverAshley and Patty from our hotel window..Sparky & Angie from our window... what a view !!Angie and Pattysunset on the riverSparky & Angie on the RiverwalkA local high school cheerleader team becomes young "Who Dats"Our "Krazy Krewe of Kharactors" and part of "The Nation" on the road in Jacksonvilleagainand againmore "Krazy's"some crazy Jags fanswith Stacey Stacey making friendsleaving with another victorya displaced Brown's fan... a "Displaced" Browns fan... OK
Sun. Oct. 23rd  vs. Colts
the gang from Indy....
Sun. Nov. 6th  vs. Bucs
Sun. Dec. 4th  vs. Lions
Mon. Nov. 28th  vs. Giants
Mon. Dec. 26th  vs. Falcons
Sun. Jan. 1st  vs. Panthers
Malcom from Austin...Everyone watching the Packers vs. Giants...Jenni and Zach from Rex Spice Co. and their Krewe hanging outonce a cheer leader... well you know the rest !!Angie with the rock band "Kiss" outside the domeHangin out with some old friends from Detroit...
Thanks for coming down boys!!