Richie, Sparky & Mark of "Bugs Sweat & Beers" Mark Peltier shows his "Boil" carrying skills...Sparky's "Mojo Magic" 
Get your Mojo Goin' On !!Chuck Roques adding his "Magic Elixar" as he gets ready for a big day...Chuck Roques & Jerry Nee show off last years champion's trophy...where's Charlie??Jason Seither & David Helwig first annual champ's...Getting ready to start the action"Swooshing" the basketFOX-8's Rob Masson lends a hand to the "BSB" team early in the day....Last year's Champs...
This Year's Chumps???
I guess we'll see !!1Another team ready to go !!"Seithers Team"...Where are they??  Probably posing for pictures somewhere!!There's a pose !!
Who's ur Crawdaddy??Big Mac's team on a roll already !!!   Where's dat "Marinated Pinapple" ??just "cuttin' up" a bitAre you ready for some Crawfish !!!!I think these guys were camera shy !!Tillman's team huddles to discuss team strategy... oops !!  shoulda asked Doodenheimer !!Getting a recipe secret from these guys is like "pulling teeth" ...  well...I may be reaching !!love those PVC pipes... must be plumbers !!News flash... Nash gets dropped like 5th period french ..  goes on only to lose competetion .... again !!
Hey... there's always next year !!!!I guess Kevin must have been with Neil??  Ready to roll !!!Not sure what they're doing back there??  I guess it's legal??Trudeau Tavern Crew ...same pose as America's Most Wanted...And here's this years Champ's !!alright... nice pose... but there's no award for that... is there??Where's the third guy??   was he at jazzfest with Charlie last nite??nice banner... but would only take second place in the banner contest..!!!!!Oh Well...we didn't win yours....hup...hup...hup...hup...electrical right next to plumbing??? isn't that against code or something??!!!oh's da plumbers. !!!1Heat Dem Up !!  I like it !!  Kinda says it all...heh ??Marines?? I didn't see any Marines... just Greg and his boys Hey !!  Hey !!!nice banner...strong's a banner...look who finally showed up....Last years Champs... but last year is over !!My partners in crime...don't we look nice !!even Joe Cahn showed up !!
the commish was in the house !!Charlie in actionplenty of peepsnice crowd on handwhat a beautiful day !!Rollin' in Da Ridge !!Big Sparky with Lil SparkyNight fallsand it's still crowdedlistening to the "Blackened Blues""Big Kev" after a very long day !!almost time to goBBB need more lights!!Charlie & Sparky going over next years strategy!!Me Drunk?????Thanks Bob !!
St. Matthew The Apostle's 3rd Annual Crawfish Cook-Off
Saturday April 30th, 2011
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