Sparky's Cave
Welcome  to
It's dark in the Cave...and usually cold too!!
The bar!
 Autographed Football
Thanks Rodney !!
Bobbleheads and Beer glasses...
"Dat Fridge"
"Da Fridge" profile... He's cool!!
Hell...He's a Fridge !!
Oh yeah... Cold ones !!
Custom seating in Da Cave !!
My old 1970's cynder-block entertainment center makes a comeback !!
More Stuff...
Sir Saint lives in Da Cave...
Always keep a fiddle or two in Da Cave too !!  ya never know who's gonna drop by...
Gotta have at least one "Tiger Wall" in Da Cave...
I know it looks like just a hot sause bottle...but it's a trophy !
That's right... 2009 Chulula Hot Sause "MVP - Tailgater of the Year" Award... How bout dat !!
My autographed Picture of Tracey Porter in the Superbowl... Sorry Payton Manning...
My custom 32 team scorecard for my quest to visit all 32 NFL Stadiums.. I still have a ways to go !!
More stuff !!
Even more stuff !!
All dressed up for the parade !!
My favorite Hat !!
Tickets from the "2009 Magic Carpet Ride"
Da Big Screen
Seat for every ass & an ass for every seat !!
All's quiet in da cave...
Dark & cold.. that's how I like my beer too !!