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  " Sparky"
 In the early 1980's,"Sparky" started tailgating with his dad, Cliff Sparks, up in Baton Rouge. "Only at Tiger Stadium" he would say, could you find a party like this. Family and friends, food, fun and football (the five f's) are what fuels the soul of a hardcore tailgater. Watching his dad and his friends cook up Cajun delights like boudin, jambalaya, shrimp and oysters, it was amazing. But it was the way that they shared their passion for Tiger Football and the party that goes with it that made it so special. Home team fan or not, everyone was welcome to come and have a taste. Being a "good sport" was always part of the tailgate and Sparky carries on this tradition as he runs one of New Orleans' top tailgates, "The Korner Krewe", and  pursues his dream to become a career tailgater. They say "Sparky knows almost everyone on the blacktop, and if he doesn't know you, then he knows someone you know" !!
"Team Tailg8n"  Cooking Team
Reggie Davis     "Chef Reggie"
 Reggie is the one in the "Krewe" with the "Big Time" credentials. He's been a professional chef in some of New Orleans finest restaurants over the years and brings his culinary knowledge to the team and is what the team considers their edge that sets them apart from the other tailgaters. The ability to create sauces, merge flavors and prepare traditional as well as creative new dishes is Chef Reggie's forte, and having a pro in your corner doesn't hurt any either. Reggie too, was a stand-out rugby player at LSU from 1973 - 1976 and was a founding member of the Baton Rouge Rugby Club. He also tailgates with J.R. in Baton Rouge regularly.

Charlie Fontenelle  "The Tuna"
 Charlie is a LSU Alumni and was a stand-out on the rugby team from 1978 - 1981 until a knee injury ended his career. His love for sports and cooking unites him with his "Krewe" who tailgate not only in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but all over the U.S., as Charlie loves to travel for the Saints away games. Charlie is involved with local charitable organizations and regularly cooks up delightful dinners for their fundraising events. He is known for being "The Ram-rod" and making things happen.
 Charlie is famous for many things, like his catching of Reggie Bush's shoe after the Saints vs. Dolphins game in Miami, where the Saints came from behind to defeat the Fins. Who Dat !!
Charlie "The Tuna"
"Chef Reggie"
Johnny Fontenelle   "The Grill Master"
 In his senior year in high school, Johnny was voted "most likely to Tailgate". He attended LSU and was a stand-out on the rugby team. He is a Baton Rouge native and has been involved in one of Tigertown's best tailgates for over twenty years, consisting of family and friends, and generations of LSU rugby alumni and members of the rugby brotherhood from around the world. Like most of us, Johnny bleeds purple and gold, but is a die hard "Who Dat" and regularly travels to New Orleans to tailgate with the "Korner Krewe, where he mans his "grill to go", a huge stainless steel bbq pit on wheels. His credentials include catering, grilling and tailgating for a living. His motto..."You kill it and I'll grill it" !!
 Menu  for "Tailgate Warriors"
"Cajun Footballs"
    Duck breast, Chicken thigh, Turkey thigh                stuffed with boudin, green onions and cream         cheese, wrapped with bacon and smoked to         perfection..                                                     
    It's a Korner Krewe favorite.. ooh la la !!
"Four Wide Outs"
  A little taste of what Nawlins' has to offer...
  -Char-broiled Oysters Mignonette
  -Bacon wrapped fried Oyster w/ Creole Menuiere Drizzel
  -Honey's Butterflied Shrimp w/ Hotsauce-Butter Reduction Sauce
  -Sauteed Crabcakes w/ Reggie's Secret Sauce
  - Watch out for some "Lagniappe" too !!

    It's one of Drew's favorite formations.... and we like it too !!

"When Pigs Fly Pork Po-boy"
   Pork Tenderloins sauteed to perfection in an iron skillet with  
   olive oil, white wine and red onions, then stuffed into a                    "pistolette" roll... 

   It'll make you talk backwards in Cajun French !!  
                            C'est-Si-Bon !!
"Pound Dat Pineapple"
  a buttery slab of pound-cake topped with         grilled pineapple slices and a scoop of            "Creole cream cheese" ice cream .... and a    bacon garnish!! ....only in Nawlins' baby !!

           " La Bon Temps Roulet "
          ("Let The Good Times Roll")
"Big Easy Shrimp and Grits"
  Sauteed Jumbo Gulf Shrimp served on top of a        generous scoop of creamy Jalapeno-Cheddar         grits...

  Easy to make...Easy to eat...Easy to love !!
"World Champion Pastalaya"
  Chicken,Shrimp, Andouille Sausage and Pork cooked    down in a cast iron pot with orzo and "Special Secret"      Cajun seasonings and spices...

  Close your eyes and take a bite....click your heels              together three times and say..."We're going to the             Superbowl...We're going to the Superbowl"
                                 Who Dat !!
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