Who Dat Nation
What is a "Who Dat"??....who is the "Who Dat Nation"??....These people are crazy...
Saturday10/9  8:00 p.m.  Libery Parkway

Friday     10/159:000 p.m. Liberty Parkway

Sunday   10/176:00 p.m.   Pizza Pete's
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Tale of "The Shoe"
           October 2005
Charlie Fontenelle holds up his prize catch of Reggie Bush's left cleat after the Saints come from behind victory in Miami. He claimed "It was all those years of catching beads and doubloons" that gave him the edge in making his one handed leaping catch...some say it was the all beer he consumed that day!! Either way he now has possession of "The Shoe" and that's all that counts! As far as the catch, I guess we'll just have to believe what we want!! 

                  WHO DAT !!
      Angie & Sparky @ Dolphin Stadium for "The Big Game"
   The Krewe catches a bite @ "Mango's" in South Beach Friday before the game...
Hey everyone!!..it's us...Angie, Babs and Sparky!!...Where's Jerry....Oops...He's taking the picture!!
Look!! It's Ginny, Vokka and Tequila...Walking on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale obeying the open container law!!
    View from our seat @ "The Big Game"  Row 4 on the ten yard line...not bad heh??...Thanks Charlie!!!
   It's Timmy, Jerry and Gregg..."The Booze Brothers" making groceries in Ft. Lauderdale day before "The Big Game"
Fly-over for the National Anthem...WOW...a great start to this night!!
Timmy, Jerry and Sparky hanging out in South Beach Friday before "The Big Game"     Who Dat !!!   Who Dat !!!
Sparky takes a little time to reflect the beauty of South Beach....
Angie & Babs partying Friday night in South Beach      Who Dat !!!
Charlie cooking @ our tailgate...on the golf course @ Mitch's house....Thanks Mitch!!
Ran into Denny & Marsha in South Beach
This was our hang out in Ft. Lauderdale..."Fat Tuesdays" made alot of sense to us....
Jerry & Babs after the last tick of the clock...Who Dat!!...We Dat !!!
The Korner Krewe was alive and kickin' in South Beach
I wonder where all the women went??
Mitch's house...It wasn't such a bad place to tailgate...being Winter in Miami...Thanks again Mitch !!
Mr. Mudbug & Sparky getting pumped up before "The Big Game"...
OOOhh....Reggie's Shoe...It's a tradition to praise and cheer the shoe....It's a "Shoe Thing"
She wanted to take a picture with some "Who Dats"...so we granted her wish all the while trying to fly under the radar of the open container laws..
Who Dats on da beach in Ft. Lauderdale..
Sparky parties with some Colts Fans..."It ain't trash talk when you can back it up"....
That's what I'm talkin about!!
Angie & Sparky in South Beach...
Having fun Who Dat'n in Ft. Lauderdale...It was a long day!!
Time to go to "The Big Game" !!!
After "The Big Game"
Angie hangin' out in Fat Tuesday's...Who Dat!!
On the beach again...
Charlie hangin' out in Fat Tuesday's...
Angie & Sparky found this little bar in some alley...
 Bobblehead Interviews
Check out Sparky and his "Krewe" as they travel around the league in support of the New Orleans Saints as part of ....
Arrowhead Stadium 2008
"Super Trip" to Miami 2010
Landshark Stadium  2009
Jerry World"   Texas Stadium  
"Thanksgiving Day"  2010
Lambeau Field   NFL Season Opener  2011
                Green Bay, Wi.
EverBank Field   2011       Jacksonville, FL.  
 In his quest to become nationwide, a Thanksgiving trip to "Big-D" to see our boys in Black & Gold crush the Cowboys' hopes in "Jerry-World" was on the menu, as Sparky and his "Krewe" hooked up with the Cowboy's #1 Tailgater Felix Chavez and "Superfan" Shelby Kelly for a "Saintsgiving" throw down as he continues his quest to spread his "Brotherhood of Tailgaters"..... Tailgaters embracing Tailgaters... home team or not... Always be a good sport!   
   Well the 2010 season ended sooner than expected with a heartbreaking playoff loss to the Seahawks, and our chance of a "Two-Dat" down the drain. 
   So after a crazy offseason, NFL Lockout, players strike and free agency, it was off to Green Bay for the 2011 season opener! With sixty pounds of boudin sausage on hand and a grand entrance via the big white limo, we made a bunch of new friends and reunited with some old ones. Jay and Karen DiEugenio were there to introduce us to sausage kings Woody and Steve who took us into their party, and we even ran into our old friend from New Orleans, the "Commish" himself, Joe Cahn. We really got a taste of what Lambeau is all about.... And after spending a few days with some of the nicest fans one could ever met, we're pretty sure Curly had to be a Cajun! Who Dat!!
   Sparky also hooked up with New Orleans "Superfan" Rion Loisel and his group called the "Who Dat Bandwagon" later in the year for a road trip to Jacksonville to see the Saints defeat the Jags. The WDB is a wild bunch over 250 people strong who also bleed Black & Gold. The WDB makes one road trip a season, and since 2011, Sparky's been abord for Jacksonville, Tampa in 2012, and for 2013 a trip to St. Louis is all set to go!

   Anyway, as the quest to visit all 31 stadiums continues, Sparky makes yet another trip in 2012, this time to Carolina with more new friends and what a great time in the city of Charlotte... too bad we lost the game. Oh well, next time we'll get a victory! Thank God this season is over!

Under Construction
Raymond James  Stadium  2012
             Tampa, Fl.
Gillette Stadium  2013
     Foxborough, Ma.
FirstEnergy Stadium  2014 
         Cleveland, Ohio
NRG Stadium  2015
        Houston, Tx
Univ. of Phoenix  Stadium 2016
          Glendale, Az.
US Bank  Stadium  2017
Bank of America Stadium  2012
         Charlotte, NC.
Edward Jones Stadium  2013
      St. Louis, Mo,