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Sparky loves his sponsors because they help make all of this possible...

 For the 2017 season, in addition to the seven early games, we have one "prime-time" home game on the schedule.  I was looking to "beef up" our tailgate by acquiring some local sponsors and here's who stepped up !!  
     Sparky's Sponsors
Thanks to Mike & Eddie Lee for all of their support and kindness throughout the past two seasons. Without your generosity we would only be ordinary. My hat is off to you guys.. You help define who we are!
Get ready for our biggest year yet!
         From my heart...
           Thanks Again...

Thanks to all the guys at Budweiser ...
All the help along the way has been greatly appreciated as Southern Eagle / Champagne Beverage stepped up again. Sometimes it's the little things that help make a big difference on how we roll!...   We love you man!!!   
                  Let's Geaux !!
                                                       TAILGATING  HEADQUARTERS
Thanks to Darryl & Co. for coming aboard for this season!  I'm looking forward to a great year and as always, it is an honor to have y'all on the team for 2017. 
     Let's make it happen...
Thanks to Ryan and the entire Haydel Family for 
their generosity and support for the upcoming 2016 season. It will only get better from here!
       Thanks in advance for everything...
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Sparky's Sponsors
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Great big thanks to Greg Thompson @ GCT for the sponsorship for the 2017 season!  And for all that good cooking too!      Who Dat!!
Thanks to Crown Buick-GMC  for the 2017 season sponsorship! Buick & GMC are the official vehicles of Tailg8NOLA & the Korner Krewe and Crown is the official place to purchase them.. Ask for the Korner Krewe Special..... See Sparky for details
Thanks to Louie and the entire Flores family for the 
sponsorship and also  all the great cooking !!
Thanks to Charlie and Darrel for the financial and moral support... They don't call them the "Mayor" and the "Governor" for nothing
Big Thanks to Brian Jones @ Mirliton Media for the sponsorship and also for being there with us every week helping making this more than just a party! 
Thanks to Josh and Jamie and the "Whole Chafunkta Tribe" for getting the beer flowing for the 2017 season!
Award winning beer for an award winning Tailgate!!
Thanks to Guy and his Krewe for all that they do!
Thanks to Meghan for getting on board! 
Double thanks to Leslie and her Krewe for two sponsors!! You Go Girl!!  Who Dat!
Special thanks to Dianna, Bruce & Margo for Tripling up the sponsorship for 2017 !!
Thanks Guys!! 
Thanks Al for helping us do what we do !!
Thanks to Paul and his gang for helping to
           make this all possible!
Thanks Howard for getting 
on board this season!!
Thanks to all the guys at Zatarain's ...
All the help along the way will be greatly appreciated! This is what makes New Orleans!