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                        Louisiana Tailg8n, LLC.    Sponsorship   Proposal  2018

    First of all, thank you for taking time to review my sponsorship proposal. My goal again this year is to make our tailgate better than ever, and with the help of our sponsors, give a little something back to the community. I hope we can get some die hard corporate sponsors involved this season that will grow into relationships for years to come.


                                                  "Skins on the Wall"

   In 2009, as a member of the "Korner Krewe" Tailgating club, I was awarded the Chulula Hot Sauce "Tailgate Champions" of New Orleans by TV personality Jay "the Tailgate Guy" DiEugeino.

In 2010, "Team Tailg8n" cooking team was formed to represent New Orleans in The Food Network's "Tailgate Warriors" hosted by Guy Fieri, in a head to head "cook-off" against Minnesota's Champs "Purple Reign". We won the competition.

  Later in 2010, "Team Tailg8n" was selected to compete in Bing's "National Tailgating Championship" hosted by "The Commish" himself, Joe Cahn, only falling short to Drago's Charbroiling Fire Engine Company.   

   Since 2010, I have appeared numerous times on the FOX 8 morning news, cooking and promoting my tailgate along with my buddy "The Tuna", and still remain their go to guy for live events and commercials.

   For the 2012 season I was featured in an episode of the tailgating reality show "Tailgate32" and now in process of making arrangements for my own reality show... "The Nation" 

 All being major national events, awards and publications, I have now established myself as New Orleans' Top Tailgating personality, and recently was tagged as "NOLA's King of Tailgating" by local radio personalities John "Spud" McConnell and Don Dubuc!       


            Why should you sponsor Louisiana Tailg8n,LLC. ?

    First of all, what we do is put on one of New Orleans' ultimate tailgates.  With a great location with excellent food and provisions  the tailgating atmosphere is second to none. We cater to small businesses that have between 2 and 20 season tickets and like to entertain clients or guest before the games.

   We promote good sportsmanship amongst tailgaters, welcoming visiting fans to join our tailgate to get a real taste of "The Big Easy" and bring home a little piece of our way of life. We also have another purpose, and that is to give back to the community, as we support charities and search for new venues to raise funds. 
   In order to maintain the quality of our tailgate, we are turning to local companies to help us with funding. It takes a great deal of time and energy, and of course money, to make this all happen. By asking for your help, being in the form of cash, product, or a combination of both, we would welcome you to actually be a part of our tailgate.

    In appreciation, signs showing your sponsorship will be on site. You will also be able to have your own additional promos if you desire (samples, T-shirts, promotional materials) and your logo will appear on the tailg8n.com website. We will incorporate your product (if desired) into our tailgate and create new ideas for using your products. Because of our location there are thousands of other tailgaters in the parking lots around us and Saints Fans that pass by in route to the game. 

   And we will connect you to a nationwide network of tailgating consumers via the tailg8n.com website. We will set up links to your site as well as the most prestigious tailgating sites throughout the nation to introduce your company and your products to your targeted and most desired network of consumers, “the Tailgaters”. 

    Oh…There was one thing I forgot to mention. You will have the time of your life, tailgating in a first class environment with a group of Who Dat fans with a passion for friends, family, food, fun....and football.

​                                              Sponsor Rates

​               Saints Regular season is 4 months long and consist of 8 events.

        * Platinum Sponsor   $1000.00 (and up)                                                                                                   

        * Gold   Sponsor        $750.00  

        * Silver Sponsor         $500.00

                                    What is Louisiana Tailg8n, LLC. all about?

     Louisiana Tailg8n, LLC. is a business that interfaces sponsor with consumer in the midst of a social event that has become a nation wide craze... "Tailgating"… Many businesses try to reach the consumer with a variety of promotional concepts that don't always reach the targeted demographic desired, making your advertising dollar become a hit or miss. My concept zeros in on a group of consumers that you as a sponsor are already reaching out to, but now in a hands on approach, as well as cyber and media exposure. You see, the reason you are being approached for sponsorship is either you or your competition are already targeting advertising dollars to a professional / college sports audience demographic, and that is where I complement what you are already doing, or get you up to speed and help you get more bang for your advertising buck without tremendous cost or liability.  

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